Nnena Kalu

Nnena Kalu binds and layers materials together. Driven by an instinctive and determined urge to build repeated marks and forms she creates raw and intense artworks. Since 2010 Nnena has created a vast number of sculptural forms of varying sizes; from collections of small, tightly constructed pods and cocoons to large, complex pieces. The frequently ephemeral nature of her work adds to its beauty as it lives in the moment. There is no narrative to Nnena’s work, it is pure form and her compelling, constantly evolving sculptures and installations bring the process of making to life.  Nnena approaches 2D work with the same passion and systematic layering, creating dense layers of colour and shifting lines. Throughout her practice the physical connection to her work whilst making is crucial. Nnena responds to the rhythm and noise of creating so the whole process becomes fully immersive and determines the shape, style and nature of each piece.


The energy and passion Nnena emits through the process of creating, her methodology and the complex and beautiful artworks she creates are fascinating.  The process is pivotal to Nnena but also gives insight for the viewer watching her work build and evolve, giving her practice a living almost performative quality. Nnena thrives when given a public platform to develop and share her practice. She has created extensive site-specific installations in public settings at the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth in 2010, 2011, 2014 and Tooting Market in May 2012 for the ‘Part of It’ series. In 2014 Nnena also created a site-specific installation for the ‘Dizziness of Freedom’ exhibition in the Bermondsey project space. Nnena was invited by Mad Musee to develop a large scale installation for the ‘Capharnaum’ exhibition at the Theatre De Liege in 2016 as part of a group show alongside artists Hendrick Heffnick, Pascal Tassini and Selbermann. Over time Nnena has refined her approach to developing her installation work but all begin by attaching smaller ‘starter’ cocoons to the space or structure. She then adds to her cocoons, layering favourite materials such as plastics, tapes, and wool and binding them together to create complex wrapped forms. In 2015 and 2016 Nnena led interactive workshops based on her practice for ‘Watch This Space’ as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe and at the Wellcome Trust as part of ActionSpace’s participatory programme.




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