Nnena Kalu and Nigel Kingsbury | Paris Outsider Art Fair – 22-25 October 2015

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Ocotber saw works by ActionSpace Artists Nnena Kalu and Nigel Kingsbury visit Paris.  The works were be a part of the Paris Outsider Art Fair, courtesy of Outside In.

Jennifer Gilbert of Outside In said, “It is with great pleasure that this year we can take the extraordinary art work of Nnena Kalu and Nigel Kingsbury to the Outsider Art Fair in Paris. Alongside six other artists, Outside In are excited that this work will be seen and appreciated by a wide audience. We thank Nnena for allowing us to take her bold map drawings and we thank Nigel for allowing us to take his drawings of beautiful women in ball gowns.”

Part of Nnena Kalu’s map series was be displayed at the art fair.  She sold two pieces.  Nnena worked on a series of 40 ordnance survey maps over a 6-month period.  Working on the maps in pairs, she created vortex like forms using mixed materials.  She used a circular motion, responding to the rhythm and noise of creating the work, allowing her arm to flow with the line.  You can see more of Nnena’s work here.

Nigel Kinsbury is fascinated with female figure. His drawings frequently have a mysterious and eerie quality that transcends time and idolises female form in a rare and carefully observed manner.  Nigel currently has a drawing exhibited as part of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015.  You can see more of his work here.  Nigel also sold two pieces at the fair.

The ActionSpace Artist’s work was be exhibited alongside other artists connected with Outside In, Albert, James Cook, Manuel Bonifacio, Martin Phillimore and Roland.  Outside In’s goal is to create a fairer art world which rejects traditional values and institutional judgement about whose work can and should be displayed.

The fair took place from 22nd-25th October at Hotel du Duc, 22 rue de la Michodiere.

Image: Nnena Kalu at work on her map series

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