Nnena Kalu: Recipient of The Paul Hamlyn Foundation ‘Awards for Artists 2021’

ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu standing amongst her sculptures

ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu receives the Paul Hamlyn Foundation ‘Awards for Artists 2021’.


This prestigious award provides 20 visual artists and 20 composers £25,000 in financial assistance at a timely moment in their careers. The awards aim to give artists the freedom to develop their creative ideas and grow personally and professionally.

In a year where the impact of the pandemic has been immense, this award will enable Nnena to continue growing and stretching her practice. Nnena will have the time and opportunity to create ambitious new work in her own studio at Studio Voltaire. This award signals an exciting new chapter in Nnena’s career as an artist and leader in the contemporary visual arts.

On behalf of Nnena, ActionSpace would like to thank the selectors and Paul Hamlyn Foundation for this incredible opportunity.

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