Thompson Hall Partakes in Panel Discussion at Autograph

Thompson Hall standing in front of his painting. Thompson is wearing a black apron and is holding a selection of small paint brushes

Thursday 12 August 2021 6.30 – 8.00pm, online
Free, booking required


ActionSpace artist Thompson Hall will share his views on art-making and community at the online panel discussion ‘Collective and interdependent approaches to art making’ hosted by Autograph. The conversation will examine collective ways of making art, building community and the different ways personalised support enables participation in the arts by neurodiverse artists whilst maintaining autonomy and individual expression.

Chaired by Ali Eisa (Autograph’s Learning & Participation Manager), other speakers include Sonia Boué (multiform neurodivergent artist), Tim Corrigan (artist and director of Project Artworks), Anna Farley (autistic artist and founder of Autography at Photofusion).The event will have BSL interpretation by Rebekah Spencer and Omoyele Thomas.

Book your free ticket online.

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