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ActionSpace is a registered charity.

Our work enables artists with learning disabilities to develop their own practice, create, exhibit and sell their art.
There are a number of ways you can support ActionSpace:  Donate, Fundraise for us, Partner with us, or Volunteer.


Here are some examples of what we can do with support:

  • In 2017, ActionSpace created the opportunity for Andrew Omoding to apply for the HOUSE Biennial Commission, which he was awarded. The commission resulted in an exhibition at Phoenix Brighton. Through ActionSpace’s guidance, Andrew Omoding has also been working as an Artist Educator at Camden Arts Centre for two academic years (2016-17, 2017/18), through ActionSpace. He also completed a residency in 2016 with Trevor Marchard and Craftspace at ActionSpace with a touring exhibition following.


  • By being part of ActionSpace, Thompson Hall has had two solo exhibitions, ‘Postcards from Brighton’ at the Brighton Dome in 2014, and Postcards from Glasgow at Project Ability. Through ActionSpace, Thompson Hall became part of the Steering Group for Creative Minds – and organisation which aims to get people talking about art by learning disabled artists and performers. In 2017, ActionSpace created an opportunity for Thompson to apply for the Unlimited Emerging Arts Commission, which he was awarded, resulting in an exhibition at The Koppel Project Hive in 2018.


In addition to being validated as artists, the artists we work with benefit from elevated confidence, a wider social network, and increased independence. The majority of our artists have severe learning disabilities.


Image: Nnena Kalu with her work

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