Thompson Hall

My work is primarily large scale acrylic paintings and pastel drawings. I explore my everyday experiences and the situations I find myself in. I then use these observations to create flat and patterned compositions.

My use of colour has been described as spontaneous, using my palette to express the feelings and emotions I want to create. I use recognisable symbols in my work to give visual references to the subjects I’ve chosen. They are like news images in a “more abstract” than true to life way.

I have nurtured an interest in art and art history, with references like Frank Auerbach and Chris Ofili, whilst visiting exhibitions across London.

My recent work is inspired by the inequalities of society and what is happening in the world around me, in regards to politics, social change, marginalisation and now what the impact of Covid and lockdowns are having on our society.

We live by rules and regulations that say you can’t do this and you can’t do that. In my paintings I am trying to tell people how this makes me feel.


Thompson Hall is participating in Autograph Gallery’s Transforming Leadership Programme and he has been selected to be artist in residence at Autograph Gallery in 2022.

Thompson Hall is a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Cockpit Arts studio.


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