Andrew Omoding’s Residency at Barbican Arts Group Trust

Explore Andrew Omoding’s open studio as part of his residency at Barbican Arts Group Trust


Andrew’s mastery of materials and storytelling are woven throughout the installation. He draws on themes of home, place and belonging which evoke his memories and experiences of Uganda and London.

Andrew uses found objects sourced from the area surrounding his residency studio in this ambitious new body of work. Transforming these objects with bold textiles, beads and threads, Andrew intertwines his encounter with the local neighbourhood of Blackhorse Road with his experiences of Ugandan life. He collides the two locations and reshapes materials using narratives of place and community, immersing the viewer in the interactive environment he has created in his residency studio.


ActionSpace artist Andrew Omoding welcomed visitors to his residency studio at Barbican Arts Group Trust on Saturday 17 July. He shared a curated selection of new, ambitious artworks created during the 6-week residency.

Andrew was awarded the 6 weeks residency by Alex Schady and Michelle Williams Gamaker as part of Barbican Arts Group Trust ‘ArtWorks Open 2020’.

Mark Wainwright, the Director of Barbican Arts Group Trust says:

“All of the studios and BAGT are greatly excited to welcome Andrew to his residency. We are interested in giving artists from all backgrounds freedom of opportunity. Our interest is in potential, and therefore the ArtWorks Open Residency Prizes are intended to assist artists in their aspirations without the hinderance of prescription or expectation.”

Supported by The Elephant Trust

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