Andrew Omoding: Barbican Arts Group Trust ‘ArtWorks Open 2020’


ActionSpace artist Andrew Omoding was selected to exhibit in the Barbican Arts Group Trust ArtWorks Open 2020. Andrew exhibited the sculpture ‘Lady is laying down, is relaxing before going back play tennis’. This years ArtWorks Open was guest selected by artists Alex Schady and Michelle Williams Gamaker. 34 artists were selected for the exhibition including ActionSpace staff member Abigail Brothers.


We are thrilled to announced that Andrew Omoding has been awarded a 6 week residency at the Barbican Arts Group Trust as part of the ArtWorks Open 2020 awards. The residency will take place in the Summer of 2021 at their Blackhorse Lane studios.


ActionSpace Artist Facilitator Lisa Brown, who has worked closely with Andrew for over 10 years explains how this residency will benefit Andrew,

Andrew truly excelled himself and established himself as a serious contemporary artist during his residency at Camden Art Centre in 2019. The experience allowed him to develop his ideas and build them on a grand scale within a space where he could incorporate all aspects of his artistic imagination, from sculptural to performative.He has the need and desire to go further but with all of the disruptions this past year Andrew has not been given this focus.


Winning the Barbican Arts Group Trust residency will mean such a great deal to Andrew as it will give him concentrated time and space to experiment and explore his visions and allow them to become reality, building on his experience from the success of Camden Art Centre.


Watch Alex Schady and Michelle Williams Gamaker explain more about the exhibition and artworks chosen, as well as announce the different awards.


Images: ‘Lady is laying down, is relaxing before going back play tennis’ by Andrew Omoding and the Artworks Open 2020 poster.

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