Nnena Kalu: Evolving Echoing Entities

Online Exhibition 

Nnena Kalu’s vortex drawings are featured in the group exhibition Evolving Echoing Entities with Jennifer Lauren Gallery. The exhibition offers the viewer a chance to discover how eight self-taught artists from around the world express their inner voice through gestural marks, colour and repetition. As many of the artists are mostly non-verbal, the choice of dynamic marks and the process behind each and every detail conveys a narrative.

Including artworks from 8 artists from across the globe the exhibition explores how this selection of international artists share a common thread of creating distinctly expressive works to express an inner voice.

The exhibition includes an audio description of Nnena’s drawing.


Evolving Echoing Entities was featured as Frieze Magazine’s ‘Top Ten Virtual Shows Across the UK and Ireland.’


“Nnena Kalu works with a strong idea of completion, the point at which all has been achieved. Her drawing carries levels of repetition, yet she has a keen sense of the possibility of the image as a whole and knows when to stop.”

– Sacha Craddock, Independent Curator


ActionSpace’s Co-Director Sheryll Catto and Morven Macrae, from Garvald in Edinburgh joined Jennifer Lauren Gallery for an ‘in conversation’. Watch the three discuss how both organisations support artists with learning disabilities and their work to increase awareness of these artists. They also talk about the artists Nnena Kalu and John Black whose artworks are in the online exhibition Evolving Echoing Entities.


Image: Nnena Kalu, Untitled (02), mixed media on paper, 101 x 147cm, 2018 – 2020. Photo: Lisa Slominski

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