Nnena Kalu: Evolving Echoing Entities

Online Exhibition 

Nnena Kalu’s vortex drawings are featured in the group exhibition Evolving Echoing Entities with Jennifer Lauren Gallery. The exhibition offers the viewer a chance to discover how eight self-taught artists from around the world express their inner voice through gestural marks, colour and repetition. As many of the artists are mostly non-verbal, the choice of dynamic marks and the process behind each and every detail conveys a narrative.

Including artworks from 8 artists from across the globe the exhibition explores how this selection of international artists share a common thread of creating distinctly expressive works to express an inner voice.

The exhibition includes an audio description of Nnena’s drawing.


“Nnena Kalu works with a strong idea of completion, the point at which all has been achieved. Her drawing carries levels of repetition, yet she has a keen sense of the possibility of the image as a whole and knows when to stop.”

– Sacha Craddock, Independent Curator



Image: Nnena Kalu, Untitled (02), mixed media on paper, 101 x 147cm, 2018 – 2020. Photo: Lisa Slominski

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