Parallel Lines – 2014

Parallel Lines was the result of an open call to artists whose work exists outside the conventional boundaries of the art world.

With 2013 bringing so many significant exhibitions showcasing Outsider Art, Parallel Lines strived to examine and redefine the limitation of the term by inviting artists to submit pieces that have been created in parallel to the boundaries of the established art scene. This could have applied to media, practice, themes, training or location and was open to a wide degree of artistic interpretation.

From the 55th Venice Biennial, to The Alternative Guide to the Universe at the Hayward Gallery, Outsider Art has never had a bigger presence but with increasing exposure, what is Outsider Art and who is an Outsider? Parallel Lines offers a platform to artists whose practice falls outside of the normal conventions in order to address some of these questions.

Parallel Lines is the debut exhibition at Area44 a converted warehouse on Newington Causeway between Elephant & Castle and Borough, curated by Liza Kenrick, London based artist and curator.

Artists included Luis Esunbuenchaval, Ecem Dilan Köse, Felix Friedmann, Toni Gallagher, Bryony Good, Olivia Jones, Sequin Kay, Nigel Kingsbury (ActionSpace), Sarah Le Roy, Noa Lidor, Hollie Miller, Lasmin Salmon (ActionSpace), Kate Smith, Rowan Spray, George Torode, Maggie Williams, Eugene Wood and Lucy Wren.

Date: 7 – 11 June 2014
Venue: Area44, 44 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR

For more information contact Liza Kenrick

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