Lasmin Salmon

Lasmin is predominantly a textile artist with a bold and individual style. She creates mixed media sewn sculptures with an unconventional but ordered feel. She frequently develops large numbers of smaller sewn shapes, which grow over time to form one whole piece. Lasmin often explores several ideas until settling on a style she feels connected with, playing with materials, bending and twisting fabrics until the right shape is made. Lasmin then recreates the shape in many varied forms, meticulously constructing each piece with carefully selected fabrics, pulling them through her fingers to ensure they are the right texture, pattern or weight before embarking on a new piece. There is something exuberant and joyful about Lasmin’s work, like a quirky display in a hardware or fabric shop. You get a real sense of pleasure in the materials Lasmin brings together and a love for the chunky yet delicate objects she creates.


Lasmin’s distinctive textiles work has been exhibited widely through ActionSpace. She has been selected for multiple group shows, regularly exhibiting her work in mainstream galleries alongside contemporary mixed media and textiles artists. Lasmin was Outside In Artist of the Month during May 2014 when she was also commissioned with textile artist Celia Pym to develop an installation for the Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre. Together Lasmin and Celia developed the ‘Yarn Mountain’ based around their shared love of knitting and invited the public to join them knit from the mountain. In 2016 Lasmins ‘Rug’ was selected for the Radical Craft national touring exhibition co curated by Outside In and CraftSpace. Radical Craft is currently touring gallery spaces around Britain.


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