Nnena Kalu: ROKSANDA

Nnena Kalu presented a new sculptural installation at ROKSANDA


10 October 2023 – 25 January 2024
ROKSANDA, 9 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 3NG

ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu presented a new installation at the ROKSANDA store in Mayfair. The main window display featured a series of towering sculptures by Nnena with additional works in the store.

Nnena Kalu explores space, scale, texture, and colour through repetitive and durational processes, constructing a dynamic relationship between her body and material.

She creates sculptures that are in a constant state of flux. Each sculpture is made, dissembled, and then remade for every installation. The works frequently begin with compact ‘cocoons’ of textiles and paper tightly packed in colourful cellophane. Repeated forms then build organically through extensive binding and wrapping with layers of paper, tapes, and unspooled VHS tapes.  These sculptures are a direct expression of Nnena’s physical movement. In the making of these works, which are created in multiples, a rhythm is built up and numerous layers are constructed as an exploration of continuous line and ever-evolving forms.

About Nnena Kalu

Download Nnena’s CV and Biography

Nnena Kalu: CV
Nnena Kalu Biography


ROKSANDA is a London based brand with a woman-centred design aesthetic. Stand out colour blocking, sculptural shapes and distinctive cuts make up ROKSANDA’s signature ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Continuing the brand’s artistic narrative, ROKSANDA provides a creative gallery space to champion the works of female artists and makers, encouraging diverse creativity.

About ActionSpace

Nnena Kalu is a resident Artist at ActionSpace. ActionSpace is a London based visual arts organisation. We seek out and unlock talent, create opportunities, and enable learning disabled artists to realise their potential. Read more about what we do.

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