Nnena Kalu | Dizziness of Freedom


Dizziness of Freedom explored the notion of choice in a contemporary society defined by consumerism, an excess of information and endless possibilities. Bringing philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s Concept of anxiety to present times, the artists approached choice as an act of freedom as well as an ever-present strain. Through installation, sculpture, film, performance, painting and photography, the works hinted at moments of decision-making – both in artistic processes and daily life – often infused with feelings of aspiration, self-consciousness and playfulness.

Particpating artists: Stefania Batoeva, David Bradley, Josephine Callaghan, Tom Duggan, Louise Fitzgerald, Jane Fradgley, George Harding, Tom Jayston, Nnena Kalu (ActionSpace), Nu Li, Andrzej Lyszkowicz, MoreUtopia!, Sue Morgan, Mary Ogunleye (ActionSpace), Tess Springall, Liam Tickner, Charlie Godet Thomas.

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