Nnena Kalu co-leads a staff workshop at Wellcome Trust

On 9 November 2016, Nnena Kalu co-led a workshop for staff at Wellcome Trust.

ActionSpace was asked by Wellcome Trust to deliver the workshop as the Trust focused on raising awareness around artists with learning disabilities with their staff, to coincide with Learning Disability Work Experience Week 2016.
Nnena co-led the workshop, leading by example and using her favourite materials and methods with the participants.  They experimented with wrapping and binding with wool and tape, creating a temporary sculpture.

“The workshop went far beyond our expectations. I can say with confidence that working with ActionSpace helps both to shift perspectives and have tremendous fun. A group of us, drawn from a diverse range of areas from facilities management to staff of our Wellcome collection museum, greatly enjoyed this experience – a rich combination of colours, textures and movement.” 

Aidan Kiely – Disability and Access Consultant, Wellcome Trust.

Image Credit: Wellcome Trust

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