TUBE LINES at Tate Exchange

Dates: 2 – 3 July, 2019

Location: Tate Exchange, Level 5, Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern, London, SE1 9TG


For ActionSpace’s second year at  Tate Exchange artists Linda Bell, Pardip Kapil, Nnena Kalu and Mark Lawrence presented TUBE LINES, a series of interactive installations along an interconnecting mega tubing structure, developed live on the Tate Exchange floor. Visitors became creative neighbours, sharing the artists’ distinctive practices and created alongside them using sculpture, film and performance. Connected by movement and music alongside audio created in collaboration with artist Richard Phoenix.

Linda Bell created her lengthy sculptural tubes and interconnecting fabric forms along and within the Mega Tubing Structure to create a large interactive installation that focused on collaboration, movement and interaction.

Pardip Kapil was the Master DJ, inviting free flowing creative interaction and performance within his evolving musical installation.

Nena Kalu created multiples of her mighty boulders directly onto the Tubing Mega Structure and invited participants to work alongside, inspired by her sculpting process.

Mark Lawrence invited the viewer to continue visual exploration alongside him and become immersed in his large-scale projections, exploring movement, reflections, materials and shadows.

To see ActionSpace’s event from 2018 please visit here. 

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