Nnena Kalu Awarded the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award

Nnena Kalu standing and building a boulder onto her suspended artworks make out of layers of tape, paper and plastic.

We are delighted to announce that ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu has been awarded the LOEWE FOUNDATION/ Studio Voltaire award. Nnena will receive her own studio at Studio Voltaire for two years, an individualised programme of professional development opportunities, curatorial and pastoral support and a £2000 bursary.

The LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award aims to cultivate spaces where artists can connect in a supportive studio environment that facilitates creative possibilities, risk–taking, experimentation and exchange.The LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award has been established to celebrate talent, individuality and original thinking within contemporary art practice. The programme also aims to increase and strengthen equitable representation and access, and amplify artistic voices across class, race, gender, sexuality and disability to fully reflect the diversity of London’s population.

Image: Nnena Kalu,’Wrapping’ Humber Street Gallery, Hull 2019

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