Roland Young

Roland creates intricate, curious drawings through which he develops his own unique weird and wonderful worlds. He goes through phases of work, shifting between squares, abstract shapes or character drawings. Occasionally he will fuse these ideas together to create simplified abstract landscapes, often with a circus or transport theme for his characters to stand in.

The character drawings offer a series of intriguing line-ups. Each drawing has its own story and Roland will occasionally talk about each character and the places he has positioned them in, at other times his drawings remain a mystery. Roland’s delicate approach to each drawing creates subtle facial expressions and emphasizes the wonderfully quirky shapes and forms of each figure.


Roland has been a resident artist at the ActionSpace Voltaire Studio since 2004. His practice has remained steady and his unique character drawings continue to charm and intrigue. Roland’s great capacity for socialising have ensured his time spent developing work as part of our off site, public based projects have been highly rewarding. He loves meeting new people who eventually feature in in his work and will join a crowd of Roland’s other friends. As Roland’s drawings are frequently on the smaller scale for Watch this Space 2014 we projected them to be super large within the shop. He also exhibited larger, printed out individual characters to highlight the often subtle qualities Roland captures in the expressions of the people he’s drawn.


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