Roland Young

Roland creates intricate, curious drawings through which he depicts and recreates his world. He lays out crisp, minimal landscapes with repeated formations of abstract forms and figures. Recurrent themes of military parades, tournaments, audiences and transport frequently form the basis of many drawings. Roland reforms the ordered rows found in stadium or theatre seating and in military displays into his work to craft unique scenes.

Roland’s figure drawings offer intriguing line-ups and crowds, depicting scenarios of celebration which bring the people in his life together. Each figure is unique with delicate, characterful facial expressions. Every drawing has a story, which can morph and change. Roland will occasionally talk about the figures and the location; at other times his drawings are a mystery.



Roland has been a resident artist at the ActionSpace Voltaire Studio since 2004. His established practice has remained consistent over this time and his unique drawings continue to charm and intrigue. Roland’s great capacity for socialising and gathering friends is depicted through his drawings which become documents of celebratory social moments, an outpouring of his generous desire to bring the people in his life together.

Roland has exhibited extensively with ActionSpace in group shows and through our offsite live art events, Part of It and Watch This Space for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe between 2011 – 2017. Roland’s drawings are held in multiple private collections.

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