VITAL MIX: Assembled Lines

Dates: Friday 3, Saturday 4, Sunday 5 May 2019

Location: StudioRCA, 1 Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 5AU

An ActionSpace curated group exhibition for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2019 featuring Chandrakant Patel, Lasmin Salmon, Robin Smith and Roland Young exploring their fascination with line, edges, figures and repetition through textiles, painting, drawing and projections.

Chandrakant Patel’s intuitive brush marks and immersive colours within his organic paintings and drawings echo the colours of his Indian heritage. The immediacy and grand-scale of Chandrakant’s wall collage alongside the fine detailed window drawings highlight the dexterity of this distinctive artist.


Lasmin Salmon’s carefully sewn cushion forms and luxurious quilt emphasize her love of edges, rich textures and precision stitching. Lasmin invited the viewer to interact with her quilt and explore her exuberant and joyful textile work within her photographic projections.


Robin Smith presented a series of enigmatic and compelling female portraits
developed over 2018-19. Some are women Robin knows, others he has imagined. Robin’s stylised full face images combined with his intense layering of rich colour create bold, characterful figures which are both individually fascinating and mesmerising as an assembled group.


Roland Young’s intricate character drawings offer a series of intriguing line-ups and assemblies. Subtle facial expressions add depth and complexity to each scene with people gathered in ordered lines or clustered groups at the theatre, a football match or military tournament. Roland captures beautifully his expansive social life and love of community and spectacle.


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