Chandrakant Patel

Chandrakant produces beautiful paintings and drawings that mimic the colours of his Indian heritage and re-interpret the repetitive patterns of traditional Hindu mandalas. He frequently works on several pieces at one time, layering inks, acrylics and pen in his own unique style. Working intuitively his drawing technique combines crisp free flowing lines and delicate short marks, using marker pens and fine liners to create brightly coloured contours and organic shapes, building wispy lines into solid forms. The drawings often shift in approach some are complete with a sparse composition others are packed with tight dense lines.  Chandrakants painting is often large scale, full of movement with flowing brush marks combined with loose layers of rich, immersive colour. His work encompasses both grand-scale and fine detail highlighting the dexterity of this distinctive artist.


Chandrakant has been a resident artist at the ActionSpace Voltaire Studio since 2004. He has exhibited widely through ActionSpace and thrives when presented with an ambitious project. Chandrakant has exhibited and created site specific art works all our exhibitions and events set in public spaces at Tooting Market and the Southside Shopping Centres for Part of It and Watch This Space. He can dip easily between large and smaller scale but always takes the opportunity when working beyond the studio to work big and bold. His generosity and warmth shine at public events where Chandrakant is keen to share his practice and encourage creativity in others.


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