Chandrakant Patel

Chandrakant’s exquisite and culturally layered practice combines painting and drawing to create multiple wall collages, which Chandrakant documents through photography and marks with a moment of sacred performance.

Chandrakant frequently works on several pieces at once, layering inks, acrylics, and pens in his distinctive style. He combines rich, brightly coloured backgrounds with built up contours of crisp free flowing lines and loose brush strokes. Emerging patterns echo traditional Hindu Mandalas and a sense of ritual are reinforced through Chandrakant’s performative acts with the final artworks.

Chandrakant’s paintings are often large-scale. Once a series is created, he will develop many varied layouts with the same works over a period, exploring and documenting connections between the works.

Exhibitions & Live Art Events



Chandrakant has been a resident artist at the ActionSpace Studio Voltaire studio since 2004. He has exhibited widely through ActionSpace and externally. Between 2011-2017 he created site-specific artworks for ActionSpace’s off site Part of It and Watch This Space live art programmes in Tooting Market and the Southside Shopping Centre for Wandsworth Arts Fringe. Chandrakant has developed his unique wall installations for ActionSpace’s Assembled Lines exhibition at the Studio RCA in 2019 for Wandsworth Arts Fringe and for Outside In’s Environments exhibition at Piano Noble in 2020. In 2021 Chandrakant was selected to exhibit at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. Chandrakant led his first major public live art event at ActionSpace’s Make it Live at the Battersea Arts Centre in 2022, exhibiting paintings live onsite and inviting participants to create in response and alongside him. Chandrakant is exhibiting in Abundance, a touring exhibition with ActionSpace, Venture Arts and Project Ability, showcasing the work of three artists in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

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