Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix: Parallel

Join Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix for the live painting event ‘Parallel’


Saturday 30 July

ActionSpace studio, Studio Voltaire, 1a Nelson’s Row, London, SW4 7JR

Live painting: 11.00am – 12.30 and 1.30 – 3.00pm

Meet the artists: 3.00 – 4.00pm

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Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix present ‘Parallel’ a live painting event in ActionSpace’s studio at Studio Voltaire. The artists will work alongside each other, painting live for visitors to the studio and online to see their painting processes unfold. During the event, Robin and Richard invite others to participate, working alongside them online in a space for artists to create side by side. This is the artists’ first live painting event, an experiment in sharing and presenting painting practice.

Since November 2020, Richard and Robin have been painting side by side online, sharing their ideas and practices. Working online gave them the opportunity to work alongside and support one another as painters through the pandemic and be influenced by each other’s artwork. Working side by side proved so beneficial that, as the pandemic restrictions eased, the artists continued online painting. This organic project has recently evolved with the artists exploring working in person, in each other’s studio spaces, at Robin’s ActionSpace supported studio at Studio Voltaire and Richard’s studio at Flatland Projects in Bexhill.

For this live painting event both artists will develop a new painting in the studio throughout the day. Online participants are invited to work alongside Robin and Richard on their own artwork and visitors are invited to watch the artist’s individual painting processes, as part performance, part open studio. Robin and Richard will also exhibit recent work in the Studio Voltaire artists’ Communal Space. Between 3-4pm visitors are encouraged to come to chat with the artists about their work and the experience of making it live.

To join the artists and work alongside them online, book a place below. Please note the online working will be recorded and shared publicly as part of the event.

RSVP to the online event for Parallel.



View the digital exhibition Zoomin’ by Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix

Zoomin’ is an online project that records the digital artistic exchanges between Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix on the digital platform Skelf.


This project is made possible by Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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