Robin Smith: Zoomin’

Photo of Robin Smith and Richard Pheonix standing infront of six of Robin's paintings. Both artists are looking at the camera

View the digital exhibition Zoomin’ by Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix

Zoomin’ is an online project that records the digital artistic exchanges between Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix. The two artists met when Richard began volunteering with ActionSpace and connected over their painting practices. Since November 2020, Richard and Robin have been painting side by side online sharing their ideas and practices. Working online gave them the opportunity to work alongside one another and be influenced by each other’s artwork. Over the past year Richard has worked from his kitchen in Brixton, studio in Croydon at Conditions, his garage and eventually a studio at the Yard. Robin worked from his living room in Tooting, studio with ActionSpace in Brixton and finally the newly refurbished ActionSpace studio in Clapham at Studio Voltaire.

Zoomin’ is the first piece in a series of four exhibitions on the digital platform Skelf. The exhibitions explore theme of ‘Gesture’ and what this might mean in a virtual context.

Click here to view the project

Skelf Podcast

Robin and Richard were interviewed by the founder of Skelf, Mark Beldan for the Skelf Podcast. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Image: Robin Smith and Richard Phoenix with Robin’s paintings at the ActionSpace Studio Voltaire studio. Skelf Zoomin’ exhibition webpage.

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