Nigel Kingsbury: Het Nieuwe Geniaal

ActionSpace artist Nigel Kingsbury’s drawing was exhibited in the group exhibition ‘Het Nieuwe Geniaal’ (The New Genius)


Dates: 16 October 2021 – 9 January 2022

Location: Cultuur Centrum Mechelen, Belgium


Curated by curator Pierre Muylle, Het Nieuwe Geniaal (The New Genius) was a group exhibition of international artists exploring the language of artistry and ways of thinking. Featuring one of ActionSpace artist Nigel Kingsbury’s drawings of a female, the exhibition explored how artists not only think through the brain but also ‘think’ with their hands and body. Nigel’s drawings have a mysterious and eerie quality that transcend time, idolising the female figure in a rare and carefully observed manner

The exhibition was in collaboration with Studio Borgerstein, a supported studio for artists with learning disabilities in Belgium.


Other exhibiting artists included: Judith Scott (USA), Luc Tuymans (B), Dan Miller (US), Roger Angeli (B), Perihan Arpacilar (D), Danny Bergeman (B), Adolf Beutler (D), Attilio Crescenti (USA), Victor Cristescu (US), Sylvain Cosijns (B), Berlinde De Bruyckere (B) , Eric Derkenne (B), Reinhart Dittrich (D), Sacha Eckes (B), Robert Fischer (D), Cecile Franceus (B), Garrol Gayden (USA) Johan Geenens (B), Irène Gérard (B), Rozette Goovaerts ( B), Wytze Hingst (B), Nigel Kingsbury (UK), Joseph Lambert (B), Jean Leclercq (B), Simon Le Fur (FR), Mark Manders (NL), Alessandra Michelangelo (I) , Donald Mitchell (USA ), Karhang Mui (NL), Palmer Nuyttens (B) , Paola Sensi (I), Ellen Schroven (B), Riccardo Sevieri (I), Harald Stoffers (D), Leopold Strobl (AU), Walter Swennen (B), Dominique Theate (B),Johan Tahon (B), Nanou Vandercruys (B), Sofie Van der Linden (B), Georg Verstrepen (B), Wild Classical Music Ensemble & Lee Ranaldo (B) , and Jan Wuyts (B

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