Thompson Hall: ‘Inequality, Marginalisation and Social Change’ Billboards at Autograph

ActionSpace artist Thompson Hall’s artwork is on public display outside Autograph


Location: Autograph, Rivington Place, London, EC2A 3BA

Dates: 31 May – October

Free Outdoor Display


Thompson Hall’s paintings are exhibited on the new public billboard display on the exterior of Autograph‘s building in Hackney. A selection of past work and new paintings created during Thompson’s residency at Autograph have been reproduced as large public artworks. Thompson is Autograph’s first on-site artist-in-residence and this display will mark the end of his residency. The artworks are on view outside the gallery from late May until October and can be viewed at anytime of the day. You can find out more about Autograph’s free outdoor exhibition by Thompson Hall here.


Read about Thompson’s first month of his residency.

Photo credit: © Zoë Maxwell

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