Thompson Hall: Autograph Artist-in-Residence

Artist Thompson Hall stands in-between two of his paintings titled Tate Britain (to his left) and British Museum (to his right)

March – May 2022


ActionSpace artist Thompson Hall was selected to be Autograph’s Artist-In-Residence. The residency took place March – May 2022 in Autograph’s building in Shoreditch, London. This incredible residency was an open-ended opportunity, providing space to think and create without the expectation of a fixed outcome. The residency also provided Thompson with travel expenses, a stipend to support the residency, a materials budget, production assistance, a private studio space and access to Autograph’s archive.

This was Autograph’s first on site residency and was an outcome of their ongoing work in collaboration with Project Art Works, on the EXPLORERS project, and with Shape Arts on the Transforming Leadership programme, which Thompson is a part of. The Transforming Leadership programme is a two year programme provided to seven disabled and neurodiverse artists with mentors and opportunities to support in developing their practice and creative careers.

“Over the last year or so I have had the privilege of getting to know Thompson Hall and share thoughts with him. This has been a journey through both words and images. His work in our time is pressing and urgent and I am delighted to have him join us for this residency.” — Dr Mark Sealy, Director of Autograph

A selction of Thompson’s paintings can be seen on the new public billboard display on the exterior of Autograph‘s building in Hackney.

Click here to find out more.

Read more about Thompson’s first month of his residency by clicking the link here.

Thompson Hall reflects on the first month of his residency at Autograph. Discover more about the inspiration behind Thompson’s paintings, his studio routine and thoughts on the exhibitions he’s visited here.

Inequality, Social Change and Marginalisation. Online gallery

Thompson’s paintings and drawings feature in the Autograph online gallery Inequality, Social Change and Marginalisation. View the gallery here.


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Watch Thompson Hall in Conversation with Dr Mark Sealy

On 10 December 2021, Thompson Hall and Dr Mark Sealy (Director of Autograph) gave a talk at Studio Voltaire in London, where they discussed Hall’s creative practice and his upcoming residency at Autograph. The event was part of the public programme accompanying Studio Voltaire’s exhibition by William Scott.


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