ActionSpace Make It Live

Linda Bell standing in front of her artwork made from metallic materials.

ActionSpace is embarking on a new and exciting participatory project Make It Live.


Make It Live is a blended digital and physical programme led by artists from our South London studio. The programme will showcase the longstanding participatory and live arts practices of ActionSpace artists Claudia Williams, Pardip Kapil, Linda Bell and Mark Lawrence. The project will be documented in a new, experimental website coming soon! 

The programme launched in July 2021 with a special edition of Pop Up Pardip at Wandsworth Arts Fringe! Learn more about Make It Live events below. 

This programme is made possible by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

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Make It Live events

Linda Bell at A New Direction’s I Am Festival

Fri 18 Jun 2021, 1.30-2pm

ActionSpace artist Linda Bell shared her unique sculptural processes in a participatory workshop for SEND schools students at A New Direction’s I Am Festival. This is a closed workshop. 


Pop Up Pardip at Wandsworth Arts Fringe

Friday 2 Jul 2021, 1.30pm

ActionSpace artist Pardip Kapil presented a new live art extravaganza, featuring costumes, props, film, live happenings and digital exchanges via zoom!


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