Artist Spotlight: Patrick Moses

Rectangle shaped fabric coloured with bright inks that bleed into one another. Text written on top of the ink

‘Peanutbutter’, Patrick Moses, ink and pen on fabric.

Artist Spotlight is a feature highlighting the incredible artwork and achievements of individual ActionSpace artists. We want to celebrate the developed practices of our artists as our three London studios reopen.

This Artist Spotlight will focus on the work of artist Patrick Moses.

Artworks- ‘Not’, ‘Explosion’, ‘Spice Girls’, ‘Winter Olympics’, Patrick Moses

Patrick is a mixed-media artist who bases his practice on words, sounds and colour. He uses colour and text as a means of interpreting and expressing his experiences. Patrick uses words as objects, organising their phonetic and visual shapes to create textural compositions. His work reminds us of the aesthetic nature of the written word, treating the curves and corners in letters as patterns and textures that build up his compositions. 

Patrick uses handwritten text on painted surfaces such as coloured paper, wallpaper and fabrics to describe thoughts and events from his daily life and his interest in music, video games, films, cartoons, food and family life. His recent work has included his experiences of covid, lockdown and observing the world around him.


‘Autocity’ at The Smallest Gallery in Soho, 2019

Patrick hand-coloured and designed a custom installation at the Smallest Gallery in Soho from a 20 metre length of fabric, entitled Autocity. The installation took months of preparation as Patrick meticulously mapped details and experiences from his life in London onto the fabric. The piece was installed in sections to allow viewers to move around the work, emphasising the monumental nature of Patrick’s words against the constraints of the small gallery space. 

Philip Levine, curator of the Smallest Gallery in Soho, reflects on the exhibition: 

We were drawn to Patrick Moses’s work for The Smallest Gallery in Soho because we could envisage a large-scale piece encompassing our space and communicating to the people who walk past it in Soho. Through Patrick’s work he brings vibrancy and his own unique version of storytelling that once you tap into it makes you understand him as an artist.’




Difference and Repetition at Camden Art Centre, 2012

Patrick was one of five artists who presented new, site-specific work at Camden Art Centre’s ‘Difference and Repetition’ in 2012. Working with Michelle Kurth, Georgie Manly and Evan Ifekoya, Patrick investigated new avenues into his practices, using visits to Camden Art Centre as a starting point for new ideas. He was invited to respond artistically to the spatial, visual and architectural experience of visiting Camden Art Centre, as well as “Observation Point” by Zoe Leonard, to produce new and exciting works for this exhibition. 


‘Clapping for Captain Tom Moore’ and ‘No Touching’ by Patrick Moses


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