Linda Bell

Linda creates complex, sometimes raw, often delicate, interactive art works. She has a unique style which has grown through her experimental approach to developing her practice. The process of making is crucial to Linda’s own relationship with her work. She frequently makes sculptures which can be played with and whilst making she will experiment with ways of moving and engaging with a piece. This playing approach means the tactile quality of the materials is vital, Linda seeks out materials which can satisfy her need to create certain movements and shapes. She has many varied processes she applies to different types of materials and is immensely flexible and skilled in bringing materials together, developing sensitive connections between materials and forms. Linda is keen to collaborate whilst creating work and enjoys exploring the relationship between herself, her work and the viewer or collaborator, sharing the playing experience.




Linda has been a resident artist at the ActionSpace Voltaire Studio since 1999. As her work has developed and grown in confidence she has exhibited extensively, the quality and unique nature of her interactive artwork is widely recognised with Linda frequently being selected for group exhibitions alongside contemporary and outsider artists. In 2015 Linda was commissioned with artist Sam Haynes to create a large artwork for the Love Festival at the Southbank Centre. Sam and Linda share a love of tactile materials and collaborated to create ‘Stretch and Squeeze’. They combined foam, fabrics and wire to create repeated chunky forms attached to multiple perspex panels. Linda currently has a short film screened as part of the Radical Craft touring exhibition. The film shows Linda interacting and swinging her suspended hanging sculptures created within Tooting Market as Part of It 3.



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