Pardip Kapil

Pardip’s practice is part installation, part happening and all entirely unpredictable. He creates spontaneous, site specific, temporary structures and scenes which frequently evolve with Pardip himself always central to the work. He combines installation and impromptu performance with his eccentric hand made costumes and props, found objects, music and projections to create multilayered experiences and moments. Essential to his practice is the public who are invited to engage with and often become part of the work. He explores the recurrent themes of celebrations, Christmas, Discos and FunFairs; reworking his ideas into many varied layouts whilst responding to the environment he’s working in. He documents his work through film and photography, recording the people and himself in his spaces often reworking the footage and images back into the next happening. Pardip’s energetic, often surreal practice is infectious and pure creativity.

Pop-up Pardip

Pardip Kapil led a spectacular Pop-up weekend of spontaneous creative happenings in Barham Park as part of the ACAVA Open Studios and Fun Palaces. He invited the passing park users and visitors to the open studios to work alongside him and create a site-specific Bumper Car Disco installation.
Using 40 large cardboard boxes and Pardip’s vast collection of found, loved and made objects and props, including inflatable watermelons, monkeys, paper pompoms and piles of fabric Pardip led the participants to utilize his objects and create a multi layered, constantly evolving installation. As the installation grew the entrance to the park was transformed, intriguing and enticing further participants to get involved.
Pardip combined directing, collaborating and DJing with playful interaction with the materials, the park and the people inviting a literally anything goes creative approach. The highly playful nature of his event shifted from installation construction through to impromptu performance, with Pardip dressed in a hand made quirky costume and pink furry turban leading the way. His energetic, creative approach is so liberating it is infectious and families stayed throughout to soak up the whole experience.


Since 2010 Pardip has developed his own unique approach to creating spontaneous moments and installations, always engaging people in the process. His practice has evolved both within the ActionSpace Voltaire studio and in public settings, specifically through a series of annual site specific events for ‘Part of It’ at Tooting Market and during ‘Watch This Space’ at the Southside Shopping Centre, all part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe. Pardip always utilises the environment he is working in, involving his vast collection of made and loved objects and costumes, objects found and relevant to the space and crucially the public. These ingredients are combined to produce something unexpected, unique but entirely and wonderfully appropriate within the surroundings.  In 2015 and 2016 Pardip led high energy, interactive workshops for the public based on his own arts practice for Watch this Space including the Wrappers Disco. In 2016 he also developed his own Pop Up Pardip event for Fun Palaces, inviting the public to create a spectacular sprawling Bumper Car Disco installation over a weekend in Barham Park, Brent.



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