See Thomas Owen in x3 ‘Altered Space’


View x3 exhibition ‘Altered Space’ here


‘Altered Space’ is the second exhibition in the x3 series by Venture Arts, Project Ability and ActionSpace. ‘Altered Space’ includes artworks by Luca Agathogli (Venture Arts), Thomas Owen (ActionSpace) and Ronnie & Paul Stokesley(Project Ability). Hosted by Project Ability, the exhibition will explore the way we view our environment, reflecting on the past year and the resulting shift in how we interact with space. In this second instalment of our x3 project,  share their unique perspectives and way of viewing our physical world.

Did you miss the first exhibition in this series, ‘Electric Dreams’? Click here to view the exhibition.


About ‘x3’

We have joined forces with our amazing partner organisations Venture Arts (Manchester) and Project Ability (Glasgow) on a series of collaborative exhibitions titled ‘x3’. Together, we celebrate the artistic practices and resilience of our talented artists over the last year by presenting a series of virtual exhibitions to showcase their work.

Follow this link to find out more about ‘x3’.



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