Artist Spotlight: Lasmin Salmon

Artist Spotlight is a feature highlighting the incredible artwork and achievements of individual ActionSpace artists. We want to celebrate the developed practices of our artists as our three London studios reopen.

This Artist Spotlight will focus on the work of artist Lasmin Salmon.

Small squares of colourful fabric sewn together to create a large artwork that is draped over a white plinth

Lasmin Salmon creates textile artworks that explore colour, shape and repetition. Lasmin’s textile and sculptural artwork often starts off small. Sewing meticulously by hand, Lasmin combines different coloured and textured fabrics that build up delicately formed smaller shapes into larger works.

Lamin’s brilliant eye for colour, texture and detail is evident in the joyous nature of the materials she uses.


Large textile work made up of small coloured pieces of fabric

Lasmin has exhibited widely across the United Kingdom in contemporary galleries alongside contemporary mixed media and textiles artists. Exhibitions include Assembled Lines at Studio RCA in 2019, Threads Contemporary Textile Open at Sailsbury Arts Centre in 2016 and Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making which toured at Pallant House Gallery and Aberystwyth Arts Centre among other venues around the United Kingdom in 2016 and 2017.

In 2014, Lasmin collaborated with textile artist Celia Pym to create a commissioned installation for the Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre. Celia shares more about Lasmin’s practice: 

“Lasmin Salmon’s work is inspiring. Dexterous and confident with needle and thread she makes forms I wish I’d made. I’ve always been attracted to her edges – she makes fantastic textural stitched edges that I want to run my fingers along. Her use of colour is distinctive and exciting. She embraces bright colours.  Watching her work I admire her rigorous approach – choosing the right thread and combining elements together in distinct and particular way. I love Lasmin’s work!”

Photograph of Lasmin Salmon looking at the camera smiling



Lasmin’s artwork has been selected for Wandsworth Art Framed 2021, which will see Lasmin’s work displayed as large banners across Tooting in South London. The project co-ordinator, Ella Lewis-Williams explains why Lasmin was selected:

“It is clear that Lasmin treats her materials with tender care, and as a result, the objects she produces have a quality of preciousness. I am delighted that we are able to feature Lasmin Salmon’s artwork as part of Wandsworth Art Framed in Tooting.”

Small textile works stuck to a wall with a projection of a photograph of the work over the top

Zoom Social Knit

During the pandemic in 2021, Lasmin led a weekly ActionSpace Zoom knit sessions. These sessions were social events where Lasmin shared her prolific knitting practice with ActionSpace’s artist network.

The weekly sessions proved a unique moment to catch up with friends and share Lasmin’s making process with other artists as they developed their own knitting and sewing practice.

Zoom image of five people holding up their knitting and sewing

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