Shape Open 2017 with Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry Don't wrroy about the money honey

Private View:  Thursday 2 February 2017
Exhibition dates:  19 January to 2 February 2017
Opening Times: 10am – 6.oo pm every day except Mondays
Location: Mile End Ecology Pavilion, Mile End Park, Haverfield Road off Grove Road London E3 5TW
Free entry

Matthew Berry was selected for Shape Open 2017 with his Don’t worry about the Money Honey piece.
Matthew Berry is an abstract artist who works in a range of media and uses his work to communicate his feelings and life experiences.

“Don’t Worry About the Money Honey” expresses his frustration that other people are constantly making decisions for him, often without consulting him. People think that because Matthew has a learning disability he does not have anything to say about the way he wants his life to be.
Matthew is, in general, a happy, positive, well meaning person, but being ignored and marginalised makes him feel like his life is spiraling out of control and he wants to shout.
Luckily he has his artwork, where he can shout as much as he wants to.

The Shape Open 2017 – ‘Power: The Politics of Disability’ – is a group exhibition of artwork created by both disabled and non-disabled artists in response to themes such as: how do we creatively challenge the language of power, politics and disability? To what extent do we need art to be a form of political protest? Where do art, disability and politics meet? How powerful are disabled people?

The Open is an annual exhibition produced and curated by Shape. Supported by artist Yinka Shonibare MBE as its Patron, it provides a valuable space where disabled and non-disabled artists can discuss views and ideas about issues and topics which are often sidelined within artistic debate.

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