The Beehive project with Jackie Murin and Rachel Thomson

First proof for the beehive project

The Beehive project has been a three month drawing, printing and bookbinding collaboration between Rachel Thomson and Jackie Murin.

Jackie is an ActionSpace artist , she has been part of multiple exhibitions including the Cockpit Arts Open and ‘The Shop of Curiosities’ at the Geddes Gallery. She has volunteered for the Leighton Project at Elfrieda Rathbone Centre since 2009 supporting young people with learning disabilities in developing their arts practice.

Rachel trained in photography and print media and has twenty years experience working as an artist. Her studio work is drawing and photography based using cyanotype, etching and monotype and is concerned with female identity and the environment. She also enjoys engaging others in the creative potential of process based art and  has been a regular artist volunteer at Action Space since October 2015.

‘The first time we printed our drawing and got the final result of what we had placed, surprise came to our eyes, to see what we had done.
Accepting and acknowledging what you have done is quite bewildering, But it’s so good to see that this was you that did this drawing. It’s good, for you do wish to continue on!’  Jackie Murin

See their blog to see how their work developed.

beehive Logo

Image: Jackie Murin‘s artwork using etching

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