Nigel Kingsbury in This is dedicated to the one I love

12. 41.5x59.5cm

Launch: Sunday 22  January 2017 2pm – 6pm
Exhibition dates: 15 January to 19 March 2017
Opening Times:  Tue – Sat 11am to 7pm / Sun 2pm to 6pm
Location: Gallery of Everything, 4 Chiltern Street,  London, W1U 7PS

We are excited to announce that Nigel Kingsbury’s work is part of the  Gallery of Everything  new exhibition:

The show presents three contemporary artists whose practice evidences a visual communication with a key family member or companion. The figurative oeuvre of Nigel Kingsbury employs apparently simple mark-making to create an ethereal and effortless community. The predominantly female forms are based on women close to the artist, those who care for him and for whom he cares, transformed into gestures of love.

The other two artists showing along Nigel Kingsbury are Harald Stoffers  and Hiroyuki Doi

Image: Nigel Kingsbury‘s Artwork

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