Robin Smith: All Bound Together? Shape Open 2021

ActionSpace artist Robin Smith presents ‘Outside Studio’ for Shape Open 2021


ActionSpace artist Robin Smith exhibited a digital exhibition entitled ‘Outside Studio’ as part of Shape Open 2021, ‘All Bound Together?’.

‘All Bound Together?’ centred around the impact and experience of a year in which freedom, health, and inequality have been at the centre of cultural discussions. The exhibition amplified the thoughts and perspectives of artists across the pandemic, which has shown that society is now even more unequal. The exhibition featured artwork by 24 disabled and non-disabled artists working across Europe and North America. The artists selected took apart the idea that ‘we will get through this together’.

Frustrated by lockdowns, shielding and venue closures Robin Smith set up an art studio in his front garden for 6 weeks over July and August 2020. ‘Outside Studio’ documents this moment in time and highlights the important role arts and culture has had in bringing communities together over the last 18 months.

Follow the link to explore the exhibition

The exhibition is divided into ‘rooms’. Robin’s artwork can be seen in the ‘room’ titled ‘Cut from the same cloth’.


Image: ‘Lady with brown hair’ by Robin Smith

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