Evan Bond: Recipe for a table

‘Recipe for a table’ exhibition by SEN schools at Camden Art Centre produced with ActionSpace artist Evan Bond


21 July – 19 August 2022

Camden Art Centre, Arkwright Road, London, NW3 6DG


Camden Art Centre presented ‘Recipe for a table‘, an exhibition which celebratd the experiences, artwork and voices of young people involved in their Special Educational Needs School Programme.

Throughout the past year the group participated in a series of workshops led by artists Lydia CS, Natalie Zervou-Kerruish and ActionSpace artist Evan Bond which explored identity, food and community. Experimenting with sculpture, performance and film the group sought ways to map their inner worlds and find connection through shared experiences.

Using the communal activity of eating and preparing food as a springboard for creativity the group questioned how recipes, taste and tradition define our collective and personal identities.

About ActionSpace’s partnership with Camden Art Centre

Evan Bond is the second artist that ActionSpace has supported to work with Camden Art Centre as a workshop leader on their SEN Schools Programme. His recruitment continues ActionSpace’s successful partnership with Camden Art Centre to create employment opportunities for artists with learning disabilities.


About Evan Bond

Evan Bond’s work is based on sociological and political events that are happening in the world today. In his drawings Evan builds up detailed, colourful images to depict different narratives that he finds of interest. Evan often takes techniques from the Surrealist movement, which influence and lend themselves well to his ideas. He also uses stop motion animation, combining sound and image to explore his own stories and narratives. Since 2020, Evan has been co-leader on a series of workshops for Camden Art Centre’s SEN School Program.

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