Evan Bond for Camden Art Centre’s SEN Schools Programme


In reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, ActionSpace artist Evan Bond has been working in collaboration with his co-workshop leaders Natalie Zervou-Kerruish and Lydia CS to create a series of digital workshops for this year’s Camden Art Centre’s  SEN Schools Programme. The three artists’ held weekly Zoom sessions to discuss their work, the pressures of staying creative during this time and to consider how best to engage with students on a digital platform. The result of these Zoom sessions is I can only dream of living things being made out of letters, a digital publication that can be downloaded from Camden Art Centre’s website.


Click here to download the publication. 



Geamma Wright, who is Head of Education at Camden Art Centre details how the artists have been developing the programme during the pandemic.

“Since September 2019 we have been working with ActionSpace artist Evan Bond on our SEN Schools Programme, alongside artists Lydia CS and Natalie Zervou-Kerruish. We wanted to keep this connection and continue to work together during lockdown. From April we instigated weekly zoom meetings with the artists, which have become a focus for research, reflection and making new works.


Over the weeks the artists have agreed themes for their meetings such as gesture, symbolism, nostalgia and translation. These themes use their practice as a starting point and the connections between them as a team. They have created new works to share, discuss and reflect upon. We now see that this time has afforded us the opportunity to pause, connect and review, and the work that the artists have been sharing will form part of the SEN Schools Programme when it returns in autumn.”


View Evan’s photo blog of working on the SEN School’s Programme here.


Evan Bond is the second artist ActionSpace has supported to work with Camden Art Centre as a co-workshop leader on their SEN Schools Programme.  His recruitment in September 2019 continues ActionSpace’s successful partnership with Camden Art Centre to create employment opportunities for artists with learning disabilities.


Images: Artwork by Evan Bond and screen shots of the team working via video call. 

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