Pardip Kapil: Living and Dying at the British Museum

Participants joined Pardip Kapil for an interactive event in response to the Living and Dying gallery at the British Museum


20 July
Rooms 24, 26, 27 and Great Court, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG

Pardip Kapil led a live interactive event in response to the objects in the Living and Dying gallery at the British Museum. Guests were invited to explore Pardip’s found and handmade props and costumes within his evolving, site-specific sculptural installation. Visitors created sculptural forms, adorned cardboard box structures and experienced Pardip’s layered film projections and experimental sound during this high energy live art event.

Visitor and writer Joseph Marshall wrote about his experience of the event. Read Joseph Marshall’s review.

About Pardip Kapil

Pardip’s practice is part installation, part happening and all entirely unpredictable. He creates spontaneous, site specific, temporary structures and scenes which frequently evolve with Pardip himself always central to the work. He combines installation and impromptu performance with his eccentric hand made costumes and props, found objects, music and projections to create multilayered experiences and moments.

The public who are invited to engage with and often become part of the work is essential to his practice. He explores the recurrent themes of celebrations, Christmas, Discos and FunFairs; reworking his ideas into many varied layouts whilst responding to the environment he’s working in. Pardip’s energetic, often surreal practice is infectious and pure creativity.

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