Lasmin Salmon: ‘Thread’ at elysium gallery


A photo of Lasmin Salmon's hands holding one of her quilts

Lasmin Salmon features in ‘Thread’ at elysium gallery, Swansea

10 September – 16 October 2021

elysium gallery, Swansea

‘Thread’ is an exhibition of textile art featuring the work of four artists: Shelly Goldsmith, Raisa Kabir, Shona Robin MacPherson and ActionSpace artist Lasmin Salmon. Despite different cultures and lived experiences, these artists share a common ground in their overwhelming interest in textile art, showcasing the diversity of artworks created using the literal and metaphorical language of thread. The exhibition is curated by Angela Maddock, Ann Jordan and Lorna Hamilton-Brown.


Click here to learn more about Thread on elysium gallery’s website

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Image: Lasmin Salmon’s work hanging at elsium gallery. Photo: Huw Maddock

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