Brewing in Battersea

Date: Thursday 30 & Friday 31 August 2018
Location: Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN
Tickets: £5 from

Pop Up Pardip comes to life once again. We are taking part in this year’s Brewing in Battersea, with ActionSpace artist Pardip Kapil who is inviting audiences to partake in another delivery of his Pop Up Pardip event. Pardip Kapil will be creating an installation exploring key themes in his work. Expect Christmas trees, disco dancing, costume making and other celebrations!

Join companies BLINK Dance theatre, Action Space, Sounds Like Chaos and artist Tarik Elmutawakil at Brewing In Battersea created by Touretteshero. A celebration of creativity for disabled and non-disabled people. Have fun, play and share ideas as young and old come together for an entertaining and imaginative day of accessible activities and performance.

Express yourself on the Party Trick Stage, join our cosmic aliens, become part of the art in an immersive installation, and shake it up at the Carefree Carnival.

Party in the Bubble-up Parade with Touretteshero and the rest of the Brewing in Batterseacrew as we bring our bright, colourful, cheeky and noisy parade to the rest of Battersea.

This is your chance to show off, shout and share your message with the world – expect the unexpected along the way.

 All events and activities are accessible. They’re also relaxed, which means that audience members are welcome to move around and make noise at any time. The event will also feature a chill-out room.

Find out more here

To read about Pop Up Pardip at Tate Exchange earlier this year, read here

Image: ActionSpace artist Pardip Kapil. 

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