Stasis by Bert Heaney McKinnell

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Bert Heaney McKinnell has been working a photographic archive that records his experience of the pandemic at it’s height and now as restrictions start to ease. With a focus on architecture, monuments and nature Bert explores how this time offers reflection and considers the links between the city, humanity and nature.


Bert explains his ideas behind the project:


“Here’s some of the pictures I took during lockdown. Oddly enough, I already find myself missing parts of it, most of all the tranquility of the once overcrowded streets, “filled with the love and care” that perhaps people had for one another. Before the arguments, raves, violence, demonstrations and thronging beaches. I feel like I had been fooled again into too much faith in others!


The pictures include places I love(d) to visit, the British Museum and Royal academy, as well as some other pictures of interesting architecture or statues, some of which I had walked past many times without managing to notice before.


I tried to include some pictures of nature, a wonderful refuge in these times, that feel pertinent to things as well.


I likened the photo of the shaded branches over the shaft of light to the veins in a person’s arm, and the purple plant to a coronavirus virus. The girl feeding the waterfowl I think is quite an innocent and idyllic picture, yet remember that wild birds such as them can carry potentially pandemic avian Influenza.


As much as corporations and carnivorous people would like to think, we cannot exist in exclusion from nature, and tampering and destroying it affects us massively, as many recent events, including this pandemic, have shown.”


Images: Photography by Bert Heaney McKinnell

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