Remembering Nigel Kingsbury

Nigel Kingsbury with his artwork at the exhibition Uninterpreted Shape Arts, 2011.


We remember the wonderful artist Nigel Kingsbury on the occasion of what would have been his 71st birthday on 27th February.


Nigel attended our South London studio for over 10 years, working closely with Associate Artist Charlotte Hollinshead. He was an extraordinary artist who’s drawings have a mysterious and eerie quality that transcend time, idolising the female figure in a rare and carefully observed manner. His drawings were often drawn from life and dedicated to the women who inspired him. He would frequently sign his work ‘Loves Nigel’ or ‘Nigel  Loves’ in their honour.

Sadly Nigel died on 7 January 2016 after a lifetime developing his drawing practice. He leaves an amazing legacy with his works already in numerous private and museum collections including Pallant House Gallery and the Museum of Everything.

Nigel is greatly missed by everyone at ActionSpace, including current and past session volunteers Shelley Davies, Rebekah Cameron and Michala Valsania, support assistant Becky Kernycznyj and our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Siobhan Stewart who were all inspirations for Nigel’s drawings.


We reflect on some of Nigel’s achievements throughout his artistic career.



“Kingsbury’s whirlwinds of scratchy lines give voluptuous form to enigmatic
women or fleeting spirits whose ethereal heads and bodies seem to float right
off the surface of large sheets of paper. Kingsbury’s pictures made me think of
what some of Cy Twombly’s big, hyperventilating confections might look and
feel like minus the bombast.”

Edward M. Gómez, Senior Editor of Raw Vision Magazine.


Jerwood Drawing Tour


Nigel’s drawing (above) was shortlisted for the 2015 Jerwood Drawing Prize. Starting in London, the exhibition then toured around the county to Cheltenham, Canterbury and Falmouth. The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK.


Nigel Loves at Julien Hartnoll Gallery

Nigel was chosen for the coveted prize of a solo show in 2014 at Julian Hartnoll Gallery, by Curator Vivienne Roberts. Nigel was awarded this prize for his drawing in the exhibition The Inner Self: Drawings from the Subconscious, which took place at CGP London in September 2014. The solo exhibition titled ‘Nigel Loves’ was Nigel’s first solo show.


‘Women’ by Nigel Kingsbury. Part of the Pallant House Collection

In 2014, Nigel exhibited at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. ‘Woman’  by Nigel now resides in the galleries permanent collection. Simon Martin, the Director of Pallant House Galleries explains more about the acquisition below.

When considering a possible acquisition from the Outside In exhibition, we were drawn to the drawing ‘Woman’ by Nigel Kingsbury because we felt that it was a very powerful drawing that could easily hold its own alongside works by celebrated modern artists in the collection. It is a fine example of delicate draftsmanship, but also a compelling work that speaks of nuanced attitudes to women, and has a mystical quality that we felt could be used in a variety of different thematic displays.”

Simon Martin – Head of Collections and Exhibitions at Pallant House Gallery


This film gives a glimpse into Nigel’s drawing process in the ActionSpace studio.

Nigel exhibited at many other exhibitions including Journeys at Sotheby’s in 2018. View Nigel’s full exhibition history here.


Nigel’s drawings continue to be exhibited and celebrated, including the group exhibition This is dedicated to the one I love, Gallery of Everything, 2017 and more recently Monochromatic Minds: Lines of Revelation with Jennifer Lauren Gallery and The Outside and The Inside at The Lightbox, Woking.

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