Brent Culture Switch


Brent Culture Switch celebrates the creativity of Brent’s learning disabled community as part of the first Brent Biennial presented by Brent 2020 London Borough of Culture.

ActionSpace’s Brent-based studio artists share their experiences of living in Brent, Covid-19 and the “new normal”, highlighting the importance of creativity as a means of processing and sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas and connecting with the world. 


Mohammed Imran Khan

Mohamed Imran Khan‘s workshop for Brent Culture Switch.

In his studio practice Imran works with paints and pastels to create colourful, abstract textile pieces. As part of the Brent 2020 project Imran lead a workshop for a group of students with learning disabilities from the College of North West London to create a large textile piece inspired by Imran’s work. Watch the animation above to see the artwork made.


Ricardo Cohen

Ricardo Cohen‘s workshop Brent Culture Switch.

Ricardo creates text based work that reflects the events that go on his daily life as well as important seasonal events. As part of the Brent 2020 project, Ricardo lead a workshop for a group of students with learning disabilities from the Village School to create text paintings influenced by Ricardo’s work. Watch the animation above to see the artwork made.


Iffah Amaioua

Iffah creates layered, multi-media pieces that often resemble otherworldly landscapes. Over the past few months, Iffah has developed a strong home practice, creating paintings layered with thick paint. She is taking her colour inspiration from the world that surrounds her such as her family’s allotment.

Abubakar Akram

Abubakar takes inspiration from geometric shapes and architecture and sculpture. His work this year has centred around one of Brent’s most iconic landmarks; Wembley Stadium. He has explored this through drawing, 2d relief sculpture using wooden rods and tape and has started building a 3d replica of the stadium.

Lamin Athedo

Lamin creates illustrative drawing and paintings. He has been working from photographs he has taken around Barham park adding in his own elements such as Pokemon characters and birds that he sees in the park, creating visual collisions where real and virtual worlds meet.


Nyim Joe Leung

Joe is an illustrator and animator. In the studio he has been working from a bird’s eye google map image of Barham park to create his own new colourful map with animated moving elements. Joe has been working from home in his sketchbook to create manga images as well as illustrations of animals that may find themselves into animations soon.

Jorell Bonnick

Jorell creates bright, bold collages and drawings using small pieces of vinyl and colour to build up large compositions. A recent abstract series of work has been inspired by the colours of seating plans for Wembley stadium.

Daniel Seneviratne

Daniel had been using a projector in the studio to create illustrative images from Brent including a map of the borough and Wembley stadium in his signature rainbow palette. Daniel is continuing to work from home in his sketchbook where he has been tracing around objects and making a personal and indexical map of his immediate environment.

A series of digital interactive workshops inspired by the art works of ActionSpace’s Brent artists will launch in September. Then join us for an art festival in Barham Park on 3 and 4 October.


Brent Culture Switch is funded by the Brent 2020 Culture Fund.


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