ActionSpace Artist Commissioned For Bounceback Food’s Recipe Book

Hand drawn artwork of colourful jumpers

Order your copy of Secret Dishes From Around the World 3 featuring artwork by Thomas Owen


We’re delighted to be the London arts charity linking up with Bounceback Food for their recipe book titled Secret Dishes From Around the World 3.

Bounceback Food is a brilliant organisation tackling food poverty and supporting artists across the UK. Along with 20 arts charities from across the UK, ActionSpace artist Thomas Owen has been commissioned to create artwork for their third book. 

Thomas has created the artwork for their section on Croatian recipes. Inspired by the Croatian flag and traditional dress, Thomas has combined these Croatian elements with his signature pen drawn jumpers. 

His layered drawings depict observations of life. Combining figures, objects and architecture, he explores many different angles of his subjects to form detailed compositions.

Bounceback Food is a community cookery school that, pre COVID-19, predominantly supported people living in food poverty in Greater Manchester, Cheshire & North Wales. Since the pandemic hit, they have created teams in the UK’s largest 20 towns and cities in order to teach people how to cook, donate food to food banks and provide catering services in disadvantaged communities nationwide.


Image: Drawing by Thomas Owen

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