Thomas Owen

Thomas Owen’s layered drawings depict observations of life. Combining figures, objects and architecture he explores many different angles of his subjects to form detailed landscapes. Constantly surveying detail and perspective he builds up complexly layered images that explore what is happening around him, things of interest and how he feels.

Using coloured pens, Thomas Owen builds up intricate marks to depict surfaces, places and pattern. Using different angles Thomas patchworks together vibrant blocks combining abstracted and figurative forms.

He constantly observes his surroundings. Choosing a small, often insignificant detail, he uses that detail as an anchor around which he deconstructs and recreates the scene. Thomas is interest in identity and environment invites us to think about what is important to the identity of a person or place. Deconstructing and reconstructing a scene, through layers of critical thought and the conscious mind emerge highly imaginative depictions of the everyday are recreated with originality, humour and vibrancy.


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