VITAL MIX: London I Am Still In Love With You

Date: Sunday 12 May 2019

Location: Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ


‘London I Am Still In Love With You’, was a live drawing takeover by Claudia Williams of Johann Arens’ exhibition Scenes of the World at Pump House Gallery.

Claudia took over Johann Arens’ exhibition, installing multiples of her extensive drawings onto the walls and creating a new series, with an LP theme featuring herself and sister Dionne. Claudia’s themes are unpredictable but her passion for music, R&B, Reggae and Soul album tiles, song tracks, labels, and musicians, regularly feature in her work. Visual mash-ups develop as musical elements fuse with favourite foods, transport and mundane objects. Writing is a vital part of Claudia’s work and the merging of themes create intriguing titles and content alongside her name and date, which always feature, as do the mysterious couplings of ‘NOON NOON, NOT NOT, NEVER NEVER, NICE NICE, NOTHING NOTHING, NEED NEED’ which generally appear in rotation across a series of drawings. Claudia is prolific, creating multiple drawings in one sitting as she works through an idea and always on the same paper size, slightly larger than an LP sleeve, so Claudia’s drawings become her own album covers and Greatest Hits.

Claudia Williams is an artist at ActionSpace’s studio at Studio Voltaire. Williams creates striking sets of drawings exploring a variety of key themes important to her or from a recent experience.


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