Shapeshifting | Cockpit Open Studios

Abstract oil painting by ActionSpace artist Sharon Adokorach. Painted in mainly blue, purple and pink tones, abstract shapes float across the surface

ActionSpace presented ‘Shapeshifting’, a group exhibition by ActionSpace artists as part of Cockpit Summer Festival and Open Studios


Dates: 10-12 June

Location: Cockpit, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street, WC1N 2NP

‘Shapeshifting’ was a group exhibition which explored the concept of shapeshifting through changing beings, evolving forms and environments. Some works took a symbolic approach, depicting creatures or objects that transform to express hidden ideas and emotions. Other artworks considered how our physical surroundings change, such as through the redevelopment of the city. Elsewhere, abstract shapes and forms transformed to create new possibilities. Works on displayed in ‘Shapeshifting’ included painting, drawings and sculpture. The diversity of the exhibited work reflected the different practices and responses of the artists who are all based in ActionSpace’s Cockpit Studio.


Image: Untitled, Sharon Adokorach (2022)

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