Nnena Kalu creates installation at Le Madmusee, Belgium

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ActionSpace Artist Nnena Kalu traveled to Belgium during March to take part in an international group exhibition at Le Madmusee in Liege.

Nnena spent a week prior to the opening of the exhibition creating an installation on-site at the Theatre de Liege.  The exhibition, titled Capharnaum, involved 3 other artists selected by Le Madmusee creating site-specific installation.  The exhibition opened on 15th March and will continue until 23rd April 2016.

Artist Facilitator Charlotte Hollinshead will accompany Nnena.  Charlotte said, “The Madmusee project is a fantastic opportunity for Nnena to develop new work on large scale in a totally new environment. We are really looking forward to working alongside Madmusee and the other selected artists and hope this will spark interesting ideas and ways of working. This is Nnena’s 1st ever project outside London, it will be great creative adventure.”

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Nnena’s practice is to bind and layer materials together to create raw and intense artworks.  Nnena creates both 3D and 2D works.  Driven by an instinctive and determined urge to create repeated marks and forms, Nnena also responds to the rhythm and noise of creating, so the whole process of making becomes fully immersive.

Le Madmusee is a contemporary art museum in Liege, Belgium, whose mission is the conservation and promotion of artworks created by people with mental health issues and learning disabilities.  Le Madmusee holds a collection of 2500 works by international artists.


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