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Nigel_Pallant House

Nigel Kingsbury’s drawing ‘Woman’ is now hanging at Pallant House Gallery as part of an exhibition in the old house called ‘Visionary Portraits’. It was purchased by Pallant House Gallery from the Outside In: National 2012, which showcased 80 works by artists selected from pieces submitted to the national competition. From substance misusers to self-taught visionaries, the exhibition provided a unique insight into the extraordinary breadth and vitality of work produced by individuals from outside the mainstream art world. Nigel was one of the six Award Winners chosen to have a solo exhibition in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery.

“When considering a possible acquisition from the Outside In exhibition, we were drawn to the drawing ‘Woman’ by Nigel Kingsbury because we felt that it was a very powerful drawing that could easily hold its own alongside works by celebrated modern artists in the collection. It is a fine example of delicate draftsmanship, but also a compelling work that speaks of nuanced attitudes to women, and has a mystical quality that we felt could be used in a variety of different thematic displays. When discussing this with the expert on Outsider Art and Surrealism, Roger Cardinal, he also concurred that this would be a significant work to acquire for our collection.”
Simon Martin – Head of Collections and Exhibitions

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