My Life in London

Dates: Saturday 12th January – Wednesday 27th February 2019
Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday 7th February 2019  6-8pm

Location: Project Ability Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD, Scotland


Ian Wornast & Thompson Hall‘s exhibition, My Life In London will be at Project Ability in Glasgow from 12  January  – 27 February 2019.


My Life in London is the culmination of a year of creative explorations by ActionSpace artists Thompson Hall and Ian Wornast, funded by an Unlimited Emerging Artist Commission.

Over 2017, Hall and Wornast spent time visiting galleries, landmarks and museums and researching the history of London. Bringing a wealth of information and inspiration back to the studio, they created a collection of paintings and drawings reflecting on their personal experiences of living in and moving around London in the 21st century. My Life in London was initially shown at the Koppel Project Hive in central London in March 2018 and was part of the Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival in September 2018.

Ian Wornast’s drawings detail the busy public transport system and the rapidly changing cityscape. He uses maps and the colours, graphic design and symbols as references to create patterns. The result is a detailed and colourful mapping of London as Ian experiences it.

Thompson Hall’s spontaneous and bright paintings blend his West African family ancestry and the great cultural institutions in London that inspire him and his work. His paintings are a portrait of his personal history and the architecture and landmarks that are important to him.

“This was a surprising and playful look at the geography and geometry of London, developed as a visual landscape… a welcome addition to the Unlimited catalogue that was both refreshing and light hearted whilst asking the audience to look at depictions of London in a very different way.”

509 arts, independent artistic assessment for Unlimited


I am a Londoner through birth and upbringing, spending most of my life there. I moved away a couple of years ago. I have to say I miss the big smoke and Hall’s and Wornast’s work reminds me why. [Hall and Wornast] have created deep-coloured, brilliant, glowing work that has distilled the energies and the flurry and furore of the city. But they also have highlighted the connection a person, a heart can have to a city.
Dolly Sen, Disability Arts Online
Audio Description of selected artwork below.

Audio Description by Jenni Halton

To see images from The Koppel Project Hive exhibition please click here
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