Meet Me In Dreamland for Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios

Ali Kamalati

Dates: 9 – 11 June 2017
Private View: Friday 9th  5 – 9pm
Opening Times: Saturday – Sunday 11am – 6pm
Location: Cockpit Arts, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street, London WC1N 2NP
FREE entry (includes entry to full Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios)

“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.” wrote Vincent Van Gogh and it is true that dreams have always fascinated mankind and offered endless inspiration to many artists from Salvador Dali’s surreal paintings to Yayoi Kusama’s dream like installations. The concept of exploring the subconscious and alternative realities continues to provide ample opportunities for artists to express their unique inner vision.

Cornelia Marland, Meet Me In Dreamland ‘s curator says,

I was drawn toward exploring the subject of dreams with the artists of Actionspace because I am so often struck by the strong imagination and transformative qualities in much of their work

The image chosen for the poster is by Ali Kamalati who works at the North London studio twice a week. His paintings have a strong feeling of freedom and movement in them and are frequently inspired by an intricate story featuring well known film stars from different movies interacting in an unusual setting which draws the viewer into their dream like world.

Meet me in Dreamland aims to create an immersive exhibition where visitors can explore alternative realities, discover innovative ways of seeing the world and question where the line between dreams and reality lies.

Image: Artwork by Ali Kamalati


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